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The Heart of Fratelli.


Piero’s winemaking ideology is born of Tuscan tradition yet unbridled in its embrace of a more vibrant and modern new world philosophy. Letting the vineyard speak is our mantra, and Piero’s minimalist approach to winemaking, ensures Fratelli wines offer a more broader diversity of wine styles, yet remain focused on capturing the most remarkable, honest and distinctive wine quality that has become the Fratelli benchmark.

While adopting Piero Masi’s sustainable viticultural mantra, Fratelli goes beyond just winemaking and wine production. By placing the utmost importance and unbridled commitment to nurturing the very best from our unique terroir, the end results achieved are grapes with the purest expression borne of all the Fratelli vineyards. The core focus for Piero and his team is to develop each vineyard with their own identity, personality, style and resultant grape quality, which in the end paves the way for creating high quality, artisanal wines that are true to Fratelli’s core values.

India’s largest privately owned wine estate of 240 acres, Fratelli lies just 6 hours from Mumbai and 3 hours of Pune in the Sholapur region of Maharashtra.

Blessed with unique, nutrient poor, calcareous soils with an extraordinary resemblance to those of the Bolgheri and Chianti regions of Italy, and combined with the temperate Maharashtrian climate, the resultant wines showcase varietal purity, vibrant acidity and an inherent freshness as core attributes.
Currently home to several more noted international and pioneering grape varieties, the Fratelli Vineyards offer up the idiom that anything is possible in India. Time is the key.


Garwad F plot Cabernet Sauvignon.

Many hands of the Fratelli People

Every year, day in and day out, it is the many hands of the Fratelli People that influence the potential of our vineyards and the quality of our wines.

At Fratelli, we understand that great wine comes first from great grapes, and that those grapes only come about after meticulous attention and dedication. In our Akluj vineyards, mother nature does not take time off, neither do any of our vineyard or winery team. The process is a serious 24/7 commitment which involves, comprehensive attention to pruning, year-round vineyard management, hand-picking, and, of course, harvest. It is only with all of our teams commitment to the Fratelli high standard that we can achieve the Indian benchmarks for fine wine.

An equal opportunity employer of up to 800 people from all corners of the country and from around the world… Fratelli is truly the sum of its parts.