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FRATELLI… Italian for brothers. FRATELLI… a tale in the making.

And so it began, and so it continues to be with Fratelli.

In the beginning there was an idea. An idea born of a general conversation between the sons of the fathers. From the soles of a thriving shoe business to the soul of Italian winemaking with a Tuscan icon in Piero Masi, is how this story began and how it has since evolved.

Take three families, three sets of brothers separated by caste, country and faith, a shared dream and vision. Complete this fellowship of the grape, with the main cog in the Fratelli machine, a Tuscan with over 50 vintages of winemaking experience etched in his very soul, and the rest as they say is history.

FRATELLI… Italian for brothers. FRATELLI… a story in the making.

“All great wines are made in vineyard first. This is my
background and what I believe in.”

– Piero Masi, Master Winemaker

“Fratelli represents a new India which wants to produce a product based purely on excellence and the faith that India can deliver the best from its soil.”

– Kapil Sekhri, Director

“Fratelli is what we are passionate about and what we deeply believe in.”

– Alessio Secci, Director

“Our collaboration has arisen out of the deep trust, friendship and faith our three families share with each other.”

– Arjunsinh Mohite-Patil