#ExperienceFratelli the right way! - Fratelli Wines

#ExperienceFratelli the right way!

Preshita talks about her experience at the Fratelli Vineyards.

I’ve never really visited a vineyard before, let alone visiting one in Maharashtra! So when Influencera proposed this exciting collaboration, I was excited like a little kid is, in a big gigantic candy store!

2 days at Fratelli Vineyards with Influencera were spent relishing Fratelli’s premium wines, cycling around their beautiful property, watching the sun set from a hilltop and absorbing every moment of goodness nature had to offer!


Situated at about 320kms from Mumbai, in the interior region of Maharashtra, Fratelli Vineyards is located in Akluj, district Satara. The journey from Mumbai to Akluj is around 6 hour long and from Pune it takes about 3 hours to reach the property.

We left Mumbai around 8:00 PM and reached Fratelli vineyards just in time for lunch. As we reached the property, we were put up in their guesthouse located right across the winery.

All ready for our lunch, which was a hearty Indian meal accompanied by Noi by Fratelli, their signature sparkling wine, we got ready for indulge in fun activities for the next two days!



Fratelli Vineyards has their personal guesthouse with 4 clean, spacious and comfortable rooms. The guesthouse is situated right across the winery Clean spacious accommodation, experiential activities and a range of wine tastings had us occupied in the coming days!