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noi… what’s in a word?

this is a test line

If you didn’t know it by now, the Italians and the Indians share the common view and understanding that our societies are very family-oriented. Parents, elders, children, and extended relatives often gather together to enjoy a home-cooked meal or commemorate religious functions. This art of the table as I call it, is a celebration of being. Of taking all the good things that we sometimes overlook and putting them back in focus.    It’s about celebrating the little things in life and for us at Fratelli, we truly believe the most precious of these is time spent; Time spent with your friends, time spent with your family and dear ones and precious time spent with yourself.

In celebration, in contemplation, in life, in love. This is the story of Noi

The charge for the fratelli winery team headed by our patriarchal wine master Piero Masi, was to create a product that embraced all of this Indo-Italian ideology, and present it such a way that it was recognisable, understandable, and most importantly, kind of frivolous.. More about the fun than the seriousness.

Whilst the serious aspect of Piero’s wine making would never change in this or any other Fratelli product, this particular project was really about creating a quality wine that embraced all the simple, fun aspects of today, all in one tasty package. And thus, Noi was born

We have been in the business long enough to kind of know what the market wants, and we knew we needed a little more sweetness in the wine to appeal to the broader market so we chose special grapes just for the purpose. For us, it’s all about quality first and foremost and by fermenting the wine in bottle like champagne, we knew we would be  able to maintain Fratelli’s normal high quality and create something special. Bright and super cool labelling would go a long way to ensure NOI was the first thing you saw in any retail store and on any dining room table, and most importantly the taste and how it made you feel  would be the thing that would win NOI friends across the country. As we say on the label; Fruity, Vibrant, Bubbly

We love it so much that we guarantee Noi is perfect for all special occasions, loud music, good people, good stories, romantic getaways and Sunday sundowners.. What more do you need!!